Francesca Sciandra
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Hello, I'm a designer and artist passionate about creativity and imagination.


About me

I'm a designer, artist, and all-around creative individual.

I have a multi-disciplinary creative practice spanning interactive design, 3D illustration, graphic design, and creative technology.

My professional experience includes leading design teams, creating and facilitating workshops for cross-functional teams, and providing mentorship to junior and mid-level designers. Over the past 16+ years, I've worked with agencies and companies in the US and UK. You can view my client list here.

I was previously Lead Instructor of the User Experience Design Immersive program at General Assembly. During my time there, I extensively updated course materials and developed new lessons on current topics and trends. 

For a more detailed CV, please connect with me on LinkedIn.



I am the founder of Lovesong, an inter-disciplinary design studio. We create interactive design, 3D illustration, and generative arts.

Our studio is within ustwo Adventure in the Tea Building in Shoreditch, East London.


I am an artist and painter, working in watercolour, acrylic, pencil, and digital. I have completed art residencies with organisations in Italy and Spain.


What they say

Having worked with Francesca on multiple projects, I cannot recommend her enough! Francesca is professional and approachable, has a wealth of experience and is always dedicated to the task at hand. We had many client meetings where she would present her ideas and findings in a clear and digestible way. I hope to work together again in the near future.

— Paul Kirven, Senior Digital Producer at Monterosa

Francesca is a wonderful instructor. She has a natural way of public speaking that is informal but structured — you feel as though she is speaking directly to you! Her feedback is helpful and encouraging, and she challenges you to make better work. Everyone in our class made leaps and bounds in both quality of output and understanding of UX design principles.

— Aaron Nathaniel Standen, Digital Product Designer (UX/UI)

Francesca is a brilliant person to work with. She is warm and personable and inclusive in her approach. The most noticeable things about Francesca are her commitment to achieving the right result and her personal integrity.

— Ryanne Goodman, Researching Trust in Intelligent Systems, City, University of London

Francesca is that rare educator you only come across only once or twice in a lifetime. You will remember her words throughout your career and be inspired to push yourself further and give back whenever you get the chance. She puts boundless energy and thought into the content covered and how it was delivered. An amazing educator and dedicated thought leader in design.

— Tim Hazzard, Junior UX/UI Designer at

Francesca led another brilliant workshop for some of our Echo++ businesses. She really knows her stuff and is always a pleasure to work with!

— Sarah Henderson, Director of Operations, Economy of Hours


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