The Design Studio method is a time-tested, collaborative process to maximize creative thinking and solve design problems more effectively.

This hands-on workshop will give you and your team the confidence to use the Design Studio method to push your ideation process.

Due to its collaborative nature, the format provides an excellent framework to get input and output from cross-functional teams, and include stakeholders and subject matter experts in the creative process.

Following the workshop, you'll be ready to implement the method into your product design process.

Benefits of running a Design Studio include:

  • Rapidly generating a range of ideas in a tight time-frame
  • Focusing on solving a specific problem with a combination of open-mindedness and precision
  • Encouraging a range of thinking styles — from blue-sky thinking to more practical approaches
  • Providing a product team with a strong sense of purpose and a common vision

Framing of the Design Studio for your business

In addition to learning the method, we can work together to define a specific design challenge to run during the session. This will allow us to generate ideas and potential design solutions around your specific business need in the session.

Who's it for?

This workshop is designed for design teams and businesses looking to improve their design and ideation process. No previous design experience is necessary.

To book a workshop or find out more, please contact me.